Meet the Team

A little bit about us

nautidiver is an SDI dive centre offering a wide range of recreational dive courses, boat dives and dive safaris.  We also offer equipment rental and airfills.

We are passionate about diving and the marine environment.

We run very small courses with a maximum of 4 students per instructor on any course. Also, we offer one to one training for those of you who need to schedule training around your work and other obligations.

We use some of the best training sites in Ireland to carry out our courses. Like Portroe which is an ideal environment for divers in training with its crystal clear waters.

Once qualified new dive buddies are welcome on any of the dive safaris we run.  Some are day trips but we also arrange weekends away and overseas diving.

Many of the weekends away we organise with a number of the commercial dive centres located around the country.

Meet The Team

Ciaron King -
PADI MSDT Instructor 287696
SDI Speciality Instructor 30980
ASSET - Dive Industry Technician T1702
Ciaron has been an instructor since 2012 and formed nautidiver with the objective of encouraging people to take up diving and to provide a facility for newly qualified divers to gain experience, meet new friends and enjoy their diving.
Ciaron King Ciaron King

Mark Dennis -
PADI OWSI Instructor 645823
SDI Instructor 31393
Mark has been a PADI instructor since 2014 and crossed over to SDI in 2021.  Mark has a lot of experience and dives all year round with nautidiver running courses right through the winter.
Mark Denis Mark Denis

Bea Royuela -
PADI Divemaster 448523
SDI Divemaster 31392
Bea has been diving since 2012.  In 2016 she moved on to drysuit diving and now dives all year round.  She is an experienced divemaster and participated in many open water, rescue and speciality courses.  Bea is now beginning her instructor training.  So watch this space.
Bea Royuela Bea Royuela

Siobhan Stella -
PADI Divemaster 435479
SDI Divemaster 33569
Siobhan began her diving in 2010 and completed her PADI DM in Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean.  She joined the nautidiver crew and completed her SDI DM crossover course in 2021.


ZIGGY (Jonathan Mooney) -
PADI Divemaster 515754 
SDI Divemaster 36623
Ziggy began diving in 2001.  An experienced diver who is well known in Irish dive circles among recreational and extended range divers.  Keep an eye out for Ziggy on our trips (you won't miss him!)
Ziggy Ziggy

Matt McBride - 
PADI Divemaster 524364
Matt has only been diving a couple of years but clocked up 100's dive while training with Scubadive West in Connemara.  Matt dives all year round and all over the country.  He is well on the way to becoming an instructor.
Matt McBride Matt McBride

Burt Chambers -
PADI Divemaster In Training
Burt began diving in 2016.  Since then he has gained a lot of experience through regular year round diving.  Burt is now stepping onto the professional ladder by doing the Divemaster program.
Burt Chambers Burt Chambers

Matthew Peck -
PADI Divemaster In Training
Matthew qualified in 2018.  Matt quickly moved to drysuits to allow him dive year round.  With plenty of dives around Ireland enjoying Atlantic swells, limited visibility Matt has decided to 'Go Pro' and begin his Divemaster training program.

 Matthew Matt 

Adriana Pacesaite -
PADI Divemaster In Training

Adriana has only been diving a couple of years but just like Matt McBride she dives all year round and all over the country.  Adriana is working through her Divemaster program and no doubt will go straight for instructor training next year.

Adriana Adriana