SDI Ghostnet Recovery


* Of this amount 150 euros goes directly to Sea Shepherd Ireland.

Nautidiver is delighted to be collaborating with Sea Shepherd Ireland in promoting and developing the SDI Ghostnet Recovery Speciality.

This speciality program was developed a few years ago by SDI for Sea Shepherd. The purpose of the course is to provide Sea Shepherd volunteers with training and certification to allow them remove ghostnets and pots from our coasts in a safe structured manner.

The Sea Shepherd Ghostnet Recovery speciality also deals with the safe storage, removal and ultimately the recycling of these nets. For more information or if you are a diver interested in getting involved please reach out to us or Sea Shepherd directly.

Course requirements

  • Minimum age: 21 years old
  • Minimum diver qualification: Rescue Diver (any recognised dive training is allowed)
  • Minimum: 100 logged dives